"A lot of companies have chosen to downsize, and maybe that was the right thing for them. We chose a different path. Our belief was that if we kept putting great products in front of customers, they would continue to open their wallets."


Steve Jobs

CEO, Apple

How is your organization measuring growth?

  • Sales Revenue
  • Customer Retention
  • Increased Lead Generation
  • Increased Partnerships
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction


Proactiva was formed on the foundational philosophy that business success comes from great communication, collaboration, innovation, mutual respect and an understanding that the spirit and heart of people is the driving engine and key ingredient for the success of any endeavor.

  • Are your organization's teams working in silos?
  • Are Sales and Marketing teams more in conflict than in teamwork?
  • Are employees generally more pessimistic than optimistic?
  • Does there seem to be a lack of processes and organization in place?

Proactiva can provide advisory services to help your organization reach it's goals.