A few words about Proactiva

Proactiva Solutions Inc. was established in 2009 to address and fulfill the growing desire for all organizations to exceed their goals in an increasingly competitive and demanding marketplace and a constantly ever changing, and unpredictable global economy.

Proactiva helps organizations with finding innovative and creative ways to tackle sales, marketing, business development and communication challenges.

Collaboration - is the process whereby individuals or organizations work together to achieve shared, mutual and desired goals.

What Proactiva Offers:

Proactiva provides advisory services in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Communications. What does your organization need to improve on?

Proactiva's Mission:

The mission of Proactiva Solutions is to be Ottawa's leading sales, marketing and communications consulting firm in providing exceptional value added consulting services to businesses and government bodies that will enable them to effectively exceed 100% of their organizational goals.

About Andrew Pender

  • Andrew Pender has over 20 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Communications. He has worked for and with many types and sizes of organizations in numerous industries. Andrew has experience working with Fortune 500 companies and Small and Medium Enterprises to achieve growth.

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